Customised Caps

From classic style caps to flat, baseball or snapback, two-tone colours, and water-repellent, we can offer a big range of caps and headwear for all seasons and comfort. From popular brands such as Beechfield, Result, and Callaway. Ideal for workwear, sportswear, golf clubs, and those working outdoor or wishing to add another layer to their uniform.
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Branded Beanies

Our Beechfield beanies also come in a range of styles, including insulated, performance, and waterproof. The original cuffed beanie comes in over 50 colours including fluorescent green, orange, and pink, blues hues including petrol blue, sapphire blue, and Oxford navy, and seven different shades of pink!

Embroidery on headwear

Once you have chosen a style of cap we will require your logo to cost a price for embroidery. Your logo needs to be turned into a design using threads to recreate it on our machines. This Appliedfx-Catalogue-CAPS-Buttonprocess is called digitalization and will generate something called a ‘stitch count’. This tells us how many stitches will be needed to recreate your logo and stitch it onto your chosen headwear.
The more stitches the more thread required, the more time it takes the machinery to complete it and the higher the stitch count the more expensive the order.
We will also need to know the position of the logo on the headwear. If it is going on a cap you may want it across the front or within a panel. On a beanie, it is usually front or back. You can have additional locations, such as the logo on the front of the cap and a web address along the back.

Quotation for headwear

Once we know the style of cap you would like, your logo, and the position of the detail we can get a quotation over.
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