Heat Applied Transfers

What are Heat Applied Transfers?

We stock a variety of colours of material that can be heat applied to garments, such as coloured vinyl, and specialized vinyl that can be printed on cut round to shapes and also applied.
This special vinyl has an adhesive on one side; it is placed onto the garment and pressed at a high temperature. The backing peels away to reveal the decoration, wording, or image.
If taken care of, the heat transfers can last and can be applied to any flat area of a garment, most popular are t-shirts, vests, and hoodies. Ideal for short-run items that have one or two colour vinyl designs (see examples).

What is the difference between heat-applied and embroidery?

Embroidery uses threads to recreate your design, this design will have a raised effect and will be estimated via a ‘stitch-count’, heat applied designs are different in that they are flat and will be estimated on the amount of vinyl they use, so can be more cost-effect if the design uses a large amount of coverage.
However, if it longevity you are after, embroidery stands much more wear, so heat-applied is great for events, sports, and temporary designs where longevity is not an issue.

How can I look after my heat-applied designs?

Wash them inside out and on a cold setting without bleach. Use a low setting If tumble-drying. Lack of care will lead to cracking and peeling of the designs.

Why use heat-applied transfers?
  • Lower costs for items that have a larger amount of coverage on the garment
  • Designs can use large bold text and shapes
  • Great for events and short-run items as cheaper than embroidery
  • Photo prints can be transferred onto t-shirts
  • Commonly used for numbers and names on sports kits

Download our handy guide to supplying artwork for heat-applied transfers as a PDF here >>

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