Hi Vis Clothing

Be Safe … be Seen …

If you or your staff are involved in any form of outdoor Appliedfx Safety Wearwork the chances are they will need to be suitably attired to do so by law. Whether on site, or working in a public space workers need to be visible for not only their protection but also for that of others. At Appliedfx we stock a large and varied range of health and safety wear including fluorescent vests, Jackets, bibs and trousers as well as waterproofs and lightweight items. All can be printed or embroidered with your company’s brand or logo, serving as a powerful advertising tool and underlining your commitment to health and safety.

Typical user of Hi Vis Clothing include:

  • Everyone working on a construction site including contractors and visitors
  • Warehouse staff and factory workers
  • Any working near traffic or in close proximity to vehicles
  • Rail Workers, Civil Engineers and Airport contractors
  • School Children, Cyclists and Motorcyclists
  • Operators of heavy machinery and plant


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