Popular Polo Shirts for Professionals


A popular item so far this season is the Polo Shirt. If you want a formal look without having to iron your shirts, polos are a great garment to wear as a uniform. More casual than a shirt but more dressy than a tee, polos often have a collar, placket, and buttons. Available in a range of colours that can include sections of the shirt such as the sides or collar in two-tone colour combinations. Long or short sleeve available from brands such as Nike, Gildan, Henbury, Russell, and Golf specialist brand Glenmuir. Here’s a small selection of our recent Polo Shirt orders with company details and logo branding embroidered onto the fronts.


Above left: This solid white Men’s Victory Polo from Nike with Dri-FIT technology to help you stay dry provides a comfortable feel for the client. It has a three-colour logo for Ford Aviation embroidered onto the left-hand chest. Great for meet and greet with potential clients and customers alike.
Above right: This brilliantly coloured Hot Pink ladies polo shirt with two-tone embroidered logo for Spring in your Step a local cleaning business, featuring a bucket with cleaning equipment and flourishes around the text that adds to the design. The shirt itself is 50% polyester and 50% cotton material that have matching buttons. Staff uniform like this gives clients a positive professional image of the business in the client’s mind.


Above right: Local glaziers Shaws Glass have an array of clothing supplied by us, including these Fruit of the Loom Polo shirts. Their bright yellow logo embroidered onto the left-hand chest stands out from the black shirt and allows staff to feel part of the team, looking similar and lets clients feel secure knowing there are trusted members of staff on-site.

Above left: Similarly, with GBL Homes, their logo featuring a house on top of lettering in a dark blue thread colour embroidered onto grey polo shirts, helps staff to feel part of the company and when working in people’s homes reminds them of the company and brand giving a professional style.

If you would like your staff to be kitted out in branded uniform to suit any industry, call us for our expertise in branding and clothing to suit: 01403 280857. We also have a small showroom offering a chance to look and feel various brands in addition to viewing embroidery examples, find us here.

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