Sublimation Printing

Sublimated designs can usually be found on t-shirts and sports kits. With sublimation print sportswear such as football kits can be much easier to design, with many sponsor logos of different types and the ability to have something special, along with team colour, sublimation becomes the easy option. When the season starts again you don’t have to change the design, with sublimation your club kit design can be used again and again, you have control over the changes, not the manufacturer.

The only limit is your imagination.

Sublimation is a printing method where you can print a design onto the fabric of a garment, this design then becomes part of the actual garment itself. The kit can be completely customisable with full-colour images and logos, shadows and patterns that wrap around the body and any colour.

This type of innovative modern printing process takes a combination of pressure and high temperatures to transfer and embed the image onto the fabric and therefore saturating it and becoming part of it. Colours remain permanent and cannot be washed away. In addition, the design can take up the majority of the garment, so your design can run edge to edge.

We can offer a tailor-made solution with sublimation;

  • Totally unique design
  • Complex designs, drop shadows, gradients and patterns can all be used
  • As many colours as you would like – even a rainbow
  • Personalisation – add your sponsor logos, brand or business, club or sports PLUS names and numbers
  • Ideal for sportswear including Football, Running, Cycling, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Hockey, Dance and many more
  • Have your generic club kit individual to your club year on year, where you decide on the changes, not the manufacturer
  • Great for events where, again, you may have many sponsor logos of various colours and designs and wish to combine everything on one print.

An eco-friendly solution, sublimation creates less waste as the dye goes onto the fabric and not into the water. Used predominantly on polyester materials that can withstand the high temperatures used, an already popular choice of material within the sports apparel industry. Vivid and vibrant distinctive designs can be created that will not wash out and will give you a bespoke look. If you would like to see an example of a sublimated football kit, have a look at our blog post about Horsham Flames >>

What to get an exclusive look for your club?
Our expert design team can help you get the best ideas for your clothing and we have samples in our showroom. Just email for a quotation or call 01403 280851 to talk more about this special type of printing.

Please note, there is a minimum order for sublimated printed items, ask for more details when enquiring for a quotation.
Photograph of Horsham Flames courtesy of John Lines.

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